Royal Victoria Bridge

Newham | Ref 23938

This iconic walkway bridge that spans Royal Victoria Dock offers a unique filming location with unbeatable views of the Canary Wharf skyline.

High above the water, to cross you must either climb the stairs or take the elevators in the metallic towers on either side.

The bridge provides a direct link from Eastern Quay and Britannia Village to the ExCeL Exhibition Centre and Custom House station.

Six masts rise above the deck varying in height from almost 30m at each end to just 10.6m for the smallest masts. The shape of the bridge is designed to reflect the masts of the sailing boats which use the dock. The bridge spans the dock with a clearance of some 15m above the water.

  • 9ft / 6ft deep water
  • 15ft drop from bridge
  • No tide
  • One of the safest bridges to perform stunts in the London area


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