Newham Dockside - Glass Office

Newham | Ref 11088

Newham Dockside (Building 1000) is an imposing, modern glass fronted building offering 6005 sq ft of space and spectacular views of City Airport and Royal Albert Dock.

Set over five floors plus basement, the location is predominantly open plan office spaces - huge variety and varying looks - with numerous breakout areas and meeting rooms. There is a retail element on the ground floor, along with a cafe and eating area. Lift lobbies and balconies galore providing great top shots.

There is a large atrium at the entrance with barriers to the building with spectacular palm trees and foliage that bring the outside in. The lower level is the perfect setting for a cafe/waiting area in an airport with City Airport providing the backdrop view.

An empty office area is also available for filming here.


  • Only available for filming on Saturdays and Sundays

Additional Information

Facilities include:

  • Close to local transport (Royal Albert DLR)
  • Fully accessible raised floor
  • Suspended ceiling with 1.5m planning grid
  • Excellent natural light
  • 3 passenger lifts
  • Five-storey winter garden and building reception
  • On site coffee shop, cafeteria and news agents
From £150 + VAT per hour
30 spaces
Water available

Availability Guide

Potentially unavailable, please check


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