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Property ownership

Please tell us your relationship with the property that you are registering.

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I am the Property Owner of the Location
I am an Employee at a management company ("Property Manager") and am authorised by the Property Owner to register and manage enquiries at this property
I am an Individual with management authority ("Property Manager") contractually agreed with the Property Owner and authorised to register and manage enquiries at this property
I am a location manager

Please note, for each booking we require an invoice to make payment.

As a Location Manager you must invite Property Owners via your account here!


Property information

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Confirm your registration

As a Property Owner you confirm that you have the absolute right to enter into negotiations and contracts for hire with respect to the property(s) you register and grant the rights in respect of your location as set out within our Terms and Conditions.

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Please ensure you read the full T&Cs, which in summary state:

  • We give you opportunities with no obligation
  • We maximise the value of your property
  • We work on a commission basis at 20%
  • We manage all licencing, insurance and H&S paperwork
  • We keep you indemnified at all times
  • The hirer owns all Intellectual Property Rights to the recordings at your property
  • You must not photograph or share information about hires at your property
  • We protect your interests and ensure your property is left as found
I have read and accept the Terms Conditions


Tell us a bit more...

Give your property the best chance of being found, choose the most appropriate ways to categorise the property. Film crews looking for locations will use these categories to find properties.

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Activities permitted

What kinds of activities are you willing to accomodate?
Please select at least 1.

PR Branded Activities
Production Offices
Prop Storage
Meanwhile Use
Car Parking
Green Room / Holding Area

Type of property

You may select up to 6. Choose the most relevant types.



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Descriptive tags

You may select up to 18. Choose the most relevant descriptions.



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Add some photos

Following these rules:

  • Only files of type jpg, jpeg, gif and png are allowed
  • Please upload photos in landscape orientation
  • A minimum size of 1500 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall is requested
  • A maximum file size of 2MB per image is allowed

If you have any difficulty uploading files, send them to info@filmoffice.co.uk using WeTransfer.com or Dropbox.com. Please reference your property name in your message"


Floorplan Image

Optional, but very helpful if relevant and available. Image rules above apply.


Why register

Registration is simple: join and open up a world of creative revenue generation!

We manage

  • All Licencing and Invoicing
  • Location Hire Fee negotiation
  • All health & safety and insurance checks
  • Safety and Security deposits
  • 24/7 support throughout

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