About FilmHub and The Film Office

FilmHub grew from the digitalisation of The Film Office – London’s most experienced film location management agency.

With 30+ years of real-world production management coursing through our veins, we took the fundamentals of regulating Hollywood Blockbuster shoots on location from notepad to iPad.

We have since refined FilmHub with lightning quick, market leading, back and frontend technology giving:

If you’re looking to promote or source locations, there really is no reason not to join us on our journey.

With our ever-growing online library of amazing locations - bolstered by industry leading location managers adding spaces from around the world all the time - FilmHub gives you everything needed to source, promote, book, licence and pay for creative location use.

Our expertise revolves around film, event, PR and community management.

Our passion in supporting cultural and creative industries.

Our strength in our network, proven ability and unparalleled track record.

Join. Connect. Create.